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New Product  W143 Dual IR

24 volts, few connections to BMS, a PC used occasionally for adjustments and that's all. Video capture in real-time: Innovative frequency decomposition of IR flame signal
Following recent developments in the field of industrial combustion, PIA has developed new flame scanners easy to operate and innovates with its graphical interface, used during the adjustments and verifications, greatly simplifying the work of operators. This detection device, equipped with advanced technologies, accomplishes multiple complex tasks, including a frequency decomposition allowing further analysis of infrared signals and enhanced features.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)


W143  Dual IR Flame Scanner

System overview

  • Design based on the ease of adjustment and use

  • Fully integrated, but small-dimension

  • No need of a controller or amplifier unit

  • Operates continuously with a minimum of attention

  • Advanced detection of IR radiation

  • Versatile flame scanner with two IR outputs, suitable for oil, gas, coal and non-standard fuels

  • Detection of High flicker frequencies of IR up to 5,000Hz

  • High-level technology with internal computer and data recording on flash memories

  • Real-time innovative frequency decomposition of IR flame signal with programmable filters

  • Completely programmable IR software filters, over the entire range for better flame discrimination . So, no predetermined filtering values. If you need, with the mouse, place the low-pass filter and/or the High-pass filter where you want 

Video capture in real-time: Frequency decomposition, level adjustment, response with or without filter and waveform of the IR signal. Quick and easy

  • Flame monitoring, logging and intuitive adjustment on PC through a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • The waveform of the IR signal as seen by the sensor is available to the operator for additional information on the quality of the detection for, among others, achieve the perfect alignment

  • Except for the FFRTs, there are no numerical data such as values of gains, setpoints, thresholds, filters,etc. modifiable by the operator. These are internal and automatic processes that work according to the changes in the graphical display with the computer mouse

  • 8 minutes of graphical display of the flame responses, allows to do the adjustments with the PC mouse by considering the history. The IR responses react directly with the addition of filters and their modifications

  • Any data, including those corresponding to the flame, can be continuously recorded, for future reference

  • No complex programming sequence for the adjustments

  • No need for technician training

  • Analysis of the risk of flame failure for a given adjustment

  • A frequency spectrum based algorithm automatically rejects artificial signals

  • Proven continuous self-checking system with shutter and software integrity verification

  • Two independent fail-safe flame relay outputs, each having his own adjustable FFRT (flame failure
    response time) and adjustable flame response (for both IRs). The No-Fault relay is also fail-safe

  • Records the number of different faults for to be view and cancel later by operator

  • Measures the scanner temperature and records the maximum, can be view and reset later by operator

  • Warns if the scanner temperature exceeds 85°C

  • Detects and warns if the flame is marginal

  • Supply 24 Volt DC  (18V min / 36V max)

  • Ambient operating temperature from -20°C to 70°C min or up to the scanner temperature of 85°C

  • Selectable Analog output (0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA)  with configurable combinations between the IR1 and IR2 signals

  • Four LED indicators for Flame  ON/OFF IR1 and  IR2No-Fault and Status

  • Very simple to install

  • Quick and easy replacement

  • Perfect for retrofitting existing systems because of its advance and its simplicity




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