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PIA is a company manufacturing electronic devices for commercial and industrial use. PIA also makes custom designs and specializes in flame detection for industrial combustion. We designed and fabricated various electronic controls and, since their creation, we have integrated microcontrollers in various fields of application, being the first to use this technology for flame detectors.

PIA concentrates on the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced flame scanners  since 30 years. Their technology is suitable for the flame scanning of coal, oil, gas, and other fuels for industries such as:

  Look at the flame through !
  • Various industrial boilers and processes
  • Steam generation
  • Ovens, dryers
  • Power generation, utilities
  • Petroleum & petrochemical
  • Ethanol production
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Oil and liquefied gas tankers
  • Steel plants (coke production)
  • Cement works (kilns)



We are looking for

Many territories are available, so do not hesitate to ask for more information and call us to discuss about opportunities in your region. 

Our flame detection technique is based on UV and/or IR signal analysis. To improve flame discrimination and characterization, our team made in depth researchess on high IR flicker frequencies that have led to a unique advanced technology for real time flame analysis. . 
Video capture in real-time: Level adjustment, response with or without filter and waveform of the IR signal. Quick and easy W146 Dual UV/IR Flame Scanner
Video capture in real-time: Frequency decomposition, level adjustment, response with or without filter and waveform of the IR signal. Quick and easy
W146 Dual UV/IR Flame Scanner
24 volts, few connections to BMS, a PC used occasionally for adjustments and that's all.

    Peabody FV-03 Upgrade

  • Use existing installation: same rack and cables
  • Better IR and UV detection
  • See-through the scanner head
  • 2 outputs: 1 IR , 1 UV

          Old Peabody Engineering  FV-03              


                         New   Window 141    

 New   Window 141 New   Window 141

FV-03 SmartScan
Flame Scanning System

Since 1989, more than 5,000 FV-03 SmartScan flame scanning systems have been installed in various industries around the world.

Due to the obsolescence of certain critical electronic components, the FV-03 system has been completely discontinued.

Designer of the FV-03 Hamworthy Peabody Combustion, PIA suggests an updated version for the direct replacement of this product, the Window 141 Flame Scanning System...

This option will permit to maintain existing installations and units could be repaired or updated for more performance at the customer's request.

Please contact us for more information and availability.


Improved UV Tubes

  • FV-03 Compatible
  • Latest technology
  • More stable (time and temperature)
  • More sensitive
  • Much longer life
The original UV tubes FV-03
are no longer in production


New Products

Following the last developments in flame detection, PIA has designed new user-friendly flame scanners featuring Graphical User Interface: the   W146 Dual UV/IR  and  W143 Dual IR  flame scanners. Both models are based on ease of use and detection performance.


W146 Dual UV/IR Flame Scanner W143 Dual IR Flame Scanner

Graphical User Interface (GUI)