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Window 141 Flame Scanning System

Scanner Head | Microcontroller Module | Data Terminal | UV / IR Source

PIA-Système de detection de flamme Window 141

Watch the flame with your own eyes !

For a good flame detection and discrimination, the evidence is to target the right flame in the boiler and not the neighbouring ones, or anything else.

This is why we designed a detector that allows watching directly into the boiler through a window right in the middle of the scanning head, quite simply. This mean guarantees that what you detect is really the flame you want and nothing else, because your eye and your judgment are more reliable than simple LED indicators.

Moreover, this flame scanner is 100% compatible with the former Peabody's FV-03 SmartScan Flame Scanning System.

Components: Scanner Head, Microcontroller module and Data terminal.

System features and benefits

For the creation of the WINDOW 141 scanner, we applied our long field experience in flame scanning. We considered the following requirements and difficulties in the field:
Complete Fail-safe and Self-checking system Complete fail-safe operation system, UL1998 compliant
• Safe output relays by dynamic operation
• Mechanical shutter for continuous & efficient self-check
• Detection of false flame signals
• No backup battery required: settings stored permanently in flash memory
Resolves discrimination problems (opposing and adjacent flames) • Independent UV and IR detection
• Proven discrimination techniques
• Detects IR flicker frequency up to 5000Hz
Scanner head alignment • Patented WINDOW type scanner head for sight adjustment and visual monitoring of the burner flame to improve discrimination
Easy set point adjustment • Individual adjustable FFRT from 0.5 to 3.5s (± 0.5) for both IR and UV
• No adjusting potentiometers: adjustments are possible only by the handheld Data Terminal (DT)
• Easy and comprehensive commissioning and adjusting procedures through the DT
Application for various fuels • Dual UV/IR detection with independent relay outputs
Comprehensive flame strength and data analysis • Continuous display of relative and absolute values for both IR and UV
Useful and standard connections • Independent output and relays for UV and IR signals
• 0 or 4 (selectable) to 20mA analog flame level output
• Cooling air connection on scanner head
• Plug-in module
Designed for harsh environment and limited space around the boiler • Compact scanner head
• High temperature resistant
Application for various types of installations • Suitable on boilers, dryers, furnaces and kilns
• For applications like power generation, coke (steel plants), ethanol production, chemical processes, refineries, methane tankers, pulp and paper plants, cement works
Other features • Multilayer, surface mount technology with flash memory microcontroller (RoHS standard)
• No aperture disks or frequency filter necessary
• Low power consumption (12-15VA max.)
• Viewing heads available in IR or UV only versions
• Entirely compatible with the FV-03 SmartScan Flame Monitoring System
FM Approval Report 3023979, Class 7610

CSA Certification CSA C/US (NRTL), File 232274, Classes 2632-01, 2632-81, 2642-01 & 2642-81.

Applicable requirements:
UL Std. No. 372 Primary Safety Controls for Gas and Oil-Fired Appliances
UL Std. No. 1998 Standard for Safety - Software in Programmable Components
CAN/CSA C22.2 No 0.8-M1986 Safety Functions Incorporating Electronic Technology
CAN/CSA C22.2 No 199-M89 Combustion Safety Conductors and Ignitors for Gas and Oil Burning Equipment
TIL H18A Interim Certification Requirements for Burner Controls Incorporating Programmable Logic


A FS-2 UV/IR Source for testing of the Window 141 scanner head.

PIA Window 141 Flame Scanner


PIA Window 141 Flame Scanner Manual