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Window 141 Flame Scanning System

Scanner Head | Microcontroller Module | Data Terminal | UV / IR Source

Data TerminalPIA-Window 141 Data Terminal

The Data Terminal DT-1 is for the adjustment and data diagnosis of the Window 141 systems.

  • Plug in type hand held unit
  • Very easy to operate
  • Back lighted liquid crystal display
  • Four push buttons
  • UV and IR Levels, and FFRT (Flame Failure Response Time) adjustment
  • Selectable module flame output (0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA)
  • Activation of the special function for opposing flames
  • Display module temperature and head
  • Consultation of the different faults that occurred on the system, like:
  • High temperature
  • Marginal flame
  • Steady frequency (false flame signal)
  • UV and IR leakage through shutter