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Window 141 Flame Scanning System

Scanner Head | Microcontroller Module | Data Terminal | UV / IR Source

Flame Scanner Head

Independent UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) flame detection with a direct visual sight to the target flame in a single scanner head

  • Pure UV detection (220nm peak)
    Not affected by visible and sunlight radiations like a silicon UV enhanced system would.
  • Very stable IR detection (1 550nm peak)
    Not affected by visible radiations and temperature variations like for the Ge, PbS or other IR cells
  • The visible section of the radiation is only for visual observation through the patented WINDOW, not affecting the cells performance. The following can be observed:

    - Sight alignment of the burner flame
    - Obstructions to be avoided
    - Flame aspect
    - Lens cleanness
    - Shutter operation
    - Internal UV and IR LED indicators
  • Available in UV only, IR only and Dual UV/IR versions
Suitable for standard and Low NOx industrial burners firing gas, oil, coal, and other non standard fuels
Aluminium case
65mm x 55mm x 120mm
Mounting 1" NPT female, usually through adjustable ball joint
Cooling air 3/8" NPT female connection for 5 SCFM instrument cooling air at less than 105°F (40°C)
5" WC above wind box pressure
Environment -13 to 185°F (-25°C to 85°C)
Humidity 95% non condensing
Detection UV at 220nm peak
IR at 1550nm peak
Window See-thru window for the visible section of the spectrum.
Eye protective lens against UV and IR arrays.
Shielded window blocking RF interferences.
Display Red LED for IR detection
Blue LED for UV detection
Self-checking Mechanical shutter
Connector Military 8 pin quick disconnect
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